Where to go in Heerde

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet published the "Best in travel 2020 Top countries list" stating the best destinations, journeys & sustainable travel experiences for the year ahead. Lonely Planet voted for The Netherlands on spot 7 in their Top 10 countries list. They recommend to go further than Amsterdam, to visit the other Holland; such as Hoge Veluwe National Park.

Heerde: Veluwe & river region

You can find Heerde in the North of the Veluwe region. The Veluwe region is wellknown for its National Park called the Hoge Veluwe. Surrounding this park are many forests, heather fields and areas with wild streams and rivers. We recommend visiting the following spots and areas:

The Forest and heath

De Renderklippen is a beautiful natural park, mainly covered with heath and pines. It is a hilly area where our herd of sheep makes sure the heath keeps growing by eating grass and small bushes. In August the heath turns into a beautiful colourful purple wave. The forests around the heath area keep many wildlife such as deer, boars and foxes. Also, there are small lakes, springs and streams. 

Cultural sights

In Wapenveld and Veessen you can find typical Dutch wind mills! In Vorchten you may find well preserved farms and a very old church. Near to Heerde you may find the pretty Hanseatic cities Hattem, Zwolle and Deventer. 

The river

The river IJssel is described as the most beautiful river of the Netherlands. The IJssel is 127 km. The unique nature among the river in the valley and the delta of the IJssel, the rich cultural history with Hansa towns, the typical homesteads (IJsselhoeven) and the cold war defense line (IJssellinie) make the IJssel a river worth the visit.
In the towns Veessen and Vorchten you can walk and cycle among the IJssel. 
Visit our Tourist Info in Veessen which is at the dike at the IJssel: Koek en ei. There you can go accross the IJssel with a small pedestrian- and bike ferry (Kozakkenveer). 

The beach

Yes, Heerde also offers a beach, which is called Heerderstrand. It is a lovely calm place where you can walk and cycle around the lake and take a swim!